Show Stopper

Completely surprise and delight them with what’s achievable in eight lessons. To start your wedding dance journey, click here.

Adora & Alan
“For our first dance at our wedding, we wanted to incorporate 5 songs and not only did she choreograph a gorgeous dance to all of them but her adorable partner mixed our music. The dance and the music were everything we wanted and more!”

Andrea & Rory
“In 8 lessons, Amanda somehow managed to turn an uncoordinated goofball and an independent-minded sass-queen into a well-oiled dance machine capable of recreating that dance from the 1987 Patrick Swayze blockbuster, Dirty Dancing!”

Arriane & Christopher
“Our guests were all stunned and amazed and quite a few of them including our parents were in tears! The whole process of us learning a dance is a very special memory that we will never forget! It was time that we spent together leading up to the wedding and your bubbly nature and passion for dance made each and every lesson a true pleasure!”

Brooke & Roland
“Thanks so much! Our day was absolutely amazing and I’m on such a high. Everyone loved our dance! And we managed to pull it off smoothly. Thank you again for all your help. We both agree our dance classes were a highlight in the wedding process.”

Chantelle & Simon
“Amanda is an excellent teacher. As soon as we met her we were comfortable and we enjoyed our lessons so much. Everyone loved our first dance and were very impressed thanks to Amanda!”

Janet & Minh
“Amanda was just amazing! She was very patient and explained each step really well, so it was easy for us to follow. On our wedding night, all our friends and families were so impressed with our first dance. Thank you so much for teaching us how to dance, making our wedding night extra special.”

Elena & Chris
“My husband doesn’t do anything by halves and he likes to dance. Sure, we are not professional dancers but why not have a dance medley of 15 songs and three lifts for our first dance as husband and wife? And despite all the pressure and stress that comes with a wedding, I found myself looking forward to every lesson and performing our dance was one of the highlights of The Big Day. Thank you, Amanda and team, for the effort you put into our project!”

Kelly & Kyle
“We honestly have to say that our dance lessons & performing our dance on the big day was one of, if not, the best part of our wedding. A lot of that came down to Amanda – her experience, approach, beautiful, energetic and fun personality made it so enjoyable. We went from pretty much non-dancers to feeling like we really gave our wedding guests a huge surprise with an incredible dance.”

Melissa & Seth
“Thank you so much for your help, guidance and energy every Thursday night!!! We just loved our lessons! Was my favourite part of the night. I was floating on a cloud! Best night of my life.”

Sarah & Brennen
“Thank you for all your help with our wedding dance. It was a huge success! We remembered all the steps, had heaps of fun doing it and all our guests were so surprised and impressed.”

Stacey & Tom
“Amanda is the absolute best dance teacher! She put both of us at ease with her beautiful choreography, ensuring our wedding dance was a great success! Would recommend her without hesitation!”

Stephanie & Matthew
“Amanda is a very talented teacher – she was patient, extremely helpful, and was very open to listening to us if there was a dance move that didn’t sit quite right. I highly recommend Amanda’s dance lessons if you are wanting to wow your wedding guests with a sophisticated and choreographed dance from a teacher who is fun loving, kind, and all around awesome.”