Wedding Dance Videos

Share in the joy of their wedding day by viewing their wedding dance!

Show Stopper (8 lessons)

Show Stopper” achievable in 8 lessons.

Adora & Alan
“Words cannot even begin to express how amazing Amanda is. For our first dance at our wedding, we wanted to incorporate 5 songs, and not only did she choreograph a gorgeous dance to all of them, but her adorable hubby mixed our music. The dance and the music were everything we wanted and more! We wanted our first dance to be memorable, and it absolutely was. Amanda also helped us organise a flash mob for our wedding party. So halfway through our 8 dance lessons, she helped us film the group dance part, so we could send to our wedding party for them to learn ahead of the wedding. It was perfect! I had a little dance experience, but my husband less so. She was very patient and helpful; no previous dance experience is necessary. She can teach all levels. I’m still trying to talk hubby into dance competitions, so Amanda can teach us more 🙂 That’s a project I’ll keep working. If you need just a few moves to pull out for your first dance, or full-blown choreography, Amanda most certainly is your girl! Book her; you won’t be disappointed!”

Melissa & Seth
“Thank you so much for your help, guidance and energy every Thursday night!!! We just loved our lessons! Was my favourite part of the night. I was floating on a cloud! Best night of my life.”

Andrea & Rory
“In 8 lessons, Amanda somehow managed to turn an uncoordinated goofball and an independent-minded sass-queen into a well oiled dance machine capable of recreating that dance from the 1987 Patrick Swayze blockbuster, Dirty Dancing.”

Sarah & Brennen
“Thank you for all your help with our wedding dance. It was a huge success! We remembered all the steps, had heaps of fun doing it and all our guests were so surprised and impressed.”

Chantelle & Simon
“Amanda is an excellent teacher. As soon as we met her we were comfortable and we enjoyed our lessons so much. Everyone loved our first dance and were very impressed thanks to Amanda!”

Stacey & Tom
“Amanda is the absolute best dance teacher! She put both of us at ease with her beautiful choreography, ensuring our wedding dance was a great success! Would recommend her without hesitation!”

Janet & Minh
“Thank you so much Amanda! It was an amazing night!!!!! So many compliments!”

Breathtaking (6 lessons)

Breathtaking” achievable in 6 lessons.

Adele & Max
“We learnt different steps each week and putting them together was easy. Amanda has such a great, vibrant, uplifting energy. We really enjoyed our lessons.”

Sarah & Kiel
“Thank you so much for your patience with us in our dancing lessons. You’re amazing at what you do and it shows in the final product. Our dance was perfect.”

Kristen & Brendan
“It was a very popular crowd pleasing first dance!! Thanks again for your amazing teaching and choreography skills that turned us into dancers and gave us something extra special to remember forever!!”

Simply Beautiful (4 lessons)

Simply Beautiful” achievable in 4 lessons.

Tanya & Garett
“Just wanted to say a big thanks for the dancing lessons! We had a great time learning from you and the dance went really well on the night. Our guests loved it!”

Emily & Chris
“Amanda was excellent!!! Neither my partner or I had ever danced before and were pretty apprehensive when we first started. But when we arrived, Amanda had prepared everything for us – we didn’t have to think about a thing! She began from the very beginning, taught us in a way that was easy to understand and the dance just came together. Couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out on the night of our wedding either! Thank you so much.”

Alysia & Simon
“Thank you so much for your help, we were so happy with the routine! It went down a treat”

Alana & Geoff
“Thank you for teaching us! We loved it!”

Christelle & Ryan
“My husband and I had a wonderful time dancing at our wedding. The first dance was magic, and I could hear the crowd go “ooooooh” and “wooooooh”. Amanda is an excellent teacher and she had a lot of patience with us while teaching us the dance moves. I would totally recommend her.”

Sarah & Michael
“We wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your dance lessons leading up to our special day. They were so much fun and we really enjoyed them!”

Bianca & Oliver
“It went really well. We were both confident and had a lot of fun doing it on the night! Thank you again. It was a wonderful surprise and one of my favourite parts of planning the wedding!”

Kimberly & Zachary
“My husband and I did 4 lessons with Amanda because we thought it would be a bit more fun than swaying on the spot. Neither of us have any dance training AT ALL and have two left feet. We also chose a fast-ish song that we wanted to dance to so I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t be able to do it at all. Amanda, however, gave us a short routine that looked good, but was totally within our abilities. It was fun to practice, and even better to get up on the day and do it! Amanda was a great teacher, and had infinite patience for our clumsiness!”

 Just the Basics (1 – 3 lessons)

Just the Basics” achievable in 3 lessons.

Anina & Simon
“We love it! Thank you so much for your dance lessons. Everyone loved our dance and we had a lot of fun learning it and performing it on the night. You did an amazing job teaching two people who never danced before.”

Jade & Michael
“If I would recommend anything before your big day, take the time to have a wedding dance lesson with your husband-to-be and fall in love again”

Rebecca & Steven
“We came to the decision for dance lessons rather late, with only three sessions available to us before our big day, Amanda got us organised and nailed everything down, leaving had us prepped and ready. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it.”

Anina & Markus / Wendy & Simon
“We love it! Thank you so much for your dance lessons. Our parents also enjoyed learning the dance with us. We surprised everyone with our two choreographed dances of the night!”