Wedding Spotlight

The amazing wedding couples who created a spectacular wedding dance with the help of Chase Dance!

Just the Basics (1 – 3 lessons)

Check out our “Just the Basics” wedding dance videos!

Lezahn & AJ
“Thanks Amanda for the kind words, it was an amazing day and the dance went well! We loved dancing with you and your counts were in my head the whole time, it was great!”

Nicole & Brett
“Just thought to let you know that our dance went really well. Thank you so much for your help.”

Sasha & Alex
“Thanks so much for the lessons! The dance went perfect!”

Theresa & Michael
“We were so thankful that we found you and were chuffed with how it went. Amanda was extremely encouraging and patient! We loved how she made us feel confident in doing something we felt quite apprehensive about. We would highly recommend Amanda and Chase Dance.”

Amy & Wesley
“Thanks Amanda! It was an amazing week, which we are only now coming down from the high and back to reality! The dance went really well! Thanks for all your help!”

Alessia & Alex
It was such a pleasure to have choreographed a short and sweet, super beautiful wedding dance in just one lesson. That was all they needed to boost their confidence, ready for the big wedding day!

Kendall & Lewis
“Thank you for all your help in putting our dance together – you were such an awesome teacher and we really enjoyed our lessons with you!”
Photography – Kevin McGinn Photography

Claire & Jack
“Amanda was able to give us a perfect dance in a very short space of time. Professional but very friendly. Can highly recommend.”

Jess & Matthew
After receiving a gift voucher of one wedding dance lesson with Chase Dance, they were over the moon to have learnt a simple routine made perfect for the wedding day.
Photography – Wendy Dyer Photography

Caterina & Rob
“Thanks Amanda. It was amazing!!”

Caitlin & Joshua
“Thanks again for the lesson, it really helped add to a really, really special day for us both!”

Karen & Jeremy
“Thank you! Love your work, you’re amazing!! Your help made it what it was. You’re a bloody ripper.”

Tanya & Lesley
“Just want to say a big thank you for your help with our dance”
Photography – Pamela-Christine Feiersinger-van Heerden Photography

 Jade & Michael
“Take the time to have a wedding dance lesson with your husband-to-be and fall in love again.”
Photography – Tonita Photo & Video

Lauren & Zac
“We couldn’t have done it without your amazing hard work!! Thank you!”
Photography – Sandie Bertrand Photography

Kathryn & Alex
“The dance went really well, we laughed the whole time and had a ball!”
Photography – We Are All Stardust

Grainne & Stephen
“Great dancer, great teacher! Anyone in Perth up for wedding dance lessons, give Amanda a call!”

Angeline & Reagan
“We had an awesome time and really enjoyed it. Can’t say enough good things.”

Nichole & Andrew
“Andrew and I enjoyed coming to the lessons and having quality time together in the lead up to the day.”
Photography – 
Kevin McGinn | Photographer

Stephanie & Josh
“We both really enjoyed the class.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Nadia & Glen
“Glen and I learnt our first dance the day before our wedding – talk about last minute! Amanda was such an incredible teacher.”
Wedding Event Hire – Perth Dance Floors

Melissa & McLean
What a pleasure it was to choreograph my high school friend’s wedding dance for their big day.  In one lesson they learnt all the tricks of the trade to enjoy a beautiful first dance together.
Photography – Nick White Photography

Claire & Lee
“Amanda is excellent! We did one lesson with her before our wedding which we really enjoyed.”

Candice & Tom
“Thanks Amanda! We totally nailed it!! You made it all so easy for us and it was amazing!”
Photography – Kate Smeda Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Carly & Luke
“We had just one lesson with Amanda and she made up this beautiful, sweet dance for us to do to our wedding song on our day.”

Annabelle & Ben
Thanks for being an amazing dance coach and getting Annabelle and I ready for our big day.”
Photography – IZO Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Fiona & Cohen
“Thanks so much Amanda, it was a wonderful day!! And our dance was great!!”

Aisling & Brad
My now husband and I did three dance lessons with Amanda three weeks before our wedding. I can’t recommend Amanda more highly.”

Sarah & Kris
“Amanda was so pleasant and happy to deal with and we didn’t have much dance experience at all but we nailed it and really had a blast doing it too!”

Deanne & Matthew
“Thanks so much for all of your help.”
Photography – Memories of Tomorrow Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Lindsey & Darrell
“I loved learning our dance routine for our big day. Amanda was a fantastic teacher and our routine was super easy to learn.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Georgia & Ty
“We appreciate you being an incredible dance teacher and lucky we were to have found you.”

Rikki-lee & Joshua
“She was so much fun and I would have to say our first dance was my favourite part of the night. Thanks Amanda!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Joanne & Jamie
“It was the best thing we spent money on, as we have that dance forever! If you’re contemplating lessons like I was, just do it!”
Photography – Amber Scobie Photography

Megan & Tom
“Thank you Amanda for the wonderful lesson! We had a lot of fun and nailed our dance on our special day.”

Cavitha & Anthony
“Thank you so much Amanda! We really enjoyed the sessions!!”

Hannah & Jose
“We had one lesson with Amanda & it was perfect. We had some simple steps to remember that were exactly what we wanted. Thank you!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Linda & Adrian
The dance was a hit – especially the dip! Thanks so much Amanda. Adrian was very keen to show off his moves.”
Photography – Nik Babic Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Chantel & Donal
“Thank you so much, you were an amazing teacher! Thanks for doing this for us!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Sarah & Richard
“I was so impressed that someone could teach me in such little time. We totally nailed it and it was so special!”

Sarah & Tristan
“Thank you so much! We got so much positive feedback about the dance!”
Photography – Pace Photography

Simi & Kyle
“Amanda gave us an easy and simple, yet beautiful dance. We totally nailed it and it was so special!”

Bronte & Chris
“Thanks again for all your help. We had a fantastic wedding day with the first dance being one of the many highlights.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Su & Carlos
“Thank you so much!! We are so lucky to have such a great teacher!!”

Jemma & Joe
“My husband and I had one lesson with Amanda and our wedding dance was one of the highlights of our wedding.”

Kira & Shaun
“We had one dance lesson with Amanda and she made it really easy to learn. We were so happy with our first dance. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Kirsty & Oliver
“We had left it a bit last minute but Amanda was fantastic and made it really easy to learn. We were so happy with our first dance and all our guests loved it!”

Adriana & Stephen
“Our wedding was amazing and our dance went so perfectly. People loved it and we didn’t miss a step! Thank you for your awesome choreography.”

Kod & Eoin
“We had two lessons with Amanda and it was a fantastic experience. Amanda created a simple yet beautiful routine which our guests loved.”

Rosheen & John
“Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience.”

Emmy & Craig
“Thank you Amanda for your wishes. We are both very excited and have constantly been practicing. We have got it down to a tee!!”

Rebecca & Phillip
“Your teaching style is incredible. You made us both feel so comfortable and are incredibly patient.”

Jacinta & Gary
“Many thanks again for your amazing teaching talents.”

Rebecca & Blade
“Amanda was amazing, enthusiastic and encouraging! I felt comfortable and within three sessions she taught us our first dance. Thank you.”
Photography – Iconic Bride Photography

Rebecca & Kiel
“Thank you for helping us on our dream day!”

Carla & Andrew
“We had the most amazing day and night!”

Franceszka & Cameron
“Thank you Amanda. Our first dance as husband and wife was a success. We had a great teacher!! Thank you for all your help.”

Joanna & Shane
“Thanks Amanda! You are a great teacher. We can’t believe what we learnt. Thanks again.”

Bryony & Steve
“Thank you for all your help in teaching us the routine and for making us look good! You are a really great teacher!”
Photography – Gordon Becker Photography

Jemma & Chadd
“Amanda had one hour to teach my uncoordinated partner and I a wedding dance and she’s amazing! I can’t believe what we learnt in such a small amount of time.”
Photography –

Careen & Samson
“Thanks heaps Amanda, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and learning from you and the dance on our wedding night felt that much more special.”

Melanie & Ken
“Thank you for your lessons so close to our day! We had such a fun time doing it. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Photography: White Tulip Photography

Kara & Jai
“We will definitely recommend Amanda to all those whom want to do more than just a shuffle as their wedding dance. It was a great hit!”

Amy & Alex
“Amanda was so lovely and made the whole experience a lot of fun. She was very patient with us and we were so happy with the final result. Strongly recommended!”

Andrea & Jeremy
“It was relaxed and intimate and everything we wanted.”
Photography – Monica Defendi Photography

Christine & Ron
“Thanks so much for your support and well wishes. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jasmine & Brendan
“The night was a success and big thanks to you for that! We didn’t miss a beat with our dance it was perfect. Yay!”

Lu & Carmelo
“Thank you Amanda. We could not be happier.”

Amanda & Jason
After receiving the gift of a wedding dance lesson, these two lovebirds enjoyed learning a few new moves that helped them to look great on the dance floor.

Anna-Maria & Brett
Looking for a wedding dance that wasn’t too formal or rehearsed, they found exactly what they were looking for at Chase Dance, where the magic happens.

Jessie & Kevin
“We were a little anxious about our first dance, but Amanda was fabulous and came up with a perfect routine for us. We had a lot of fun learning and our families loved it!”

Rebecca & Matt
From absolute beginners to dancing stars, together we created something simple and elegant, perfect for their first dance as husband and wife.

Laura & John
With the wedding fast approaching, they both wanted to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and what better way to achieve that than having wedding dance lessons. Best decision ever!

Anke & Adam
Excited about their first dance, we chose specific movements that matched the mobility of the wedding dress and allowed the wedding guests to join in. Smiles of success all around!

Natalie & Shae
“Nice easy routine to learn and feel relaxed and not self-conscious at all! Just what myself and my partner needed after the stress of an upcoming wedding. Some one on one time with each other and enjoy ourselves. Thank you!!”

Taryn & Daniel
“Thanks so much for your help! That was exactly what we wanted. Thank you very much, we had an amazing night!”
Photography: Jason Soon Photography

Rebecca & Cameron
Turning their fears into confidence; one wedding dance lesson was all it took. Floating on air, they glided around the floor in perfect harmony.

Samahra & Adam
“Thank you so much for your incredible service! Strongly recommend Amanda!! You’ve done the impossible and made us feel comfortable dancing!!”
Photography: Till Death Photography

Chantelle & Joshua
“Thank you for the great lesson. Joshua and I love our dance”

Eva & Michael
“Thank you so much Amanda!! The dance got us heaps of applause! It was great.”
Photography: Flossy Photography

Jessica & Karl
“Amanda was amazingly patient with me and my now wife to help us learn a wedding dance. I have never danced before and had reservations about it but Amanda made us laugh and have fun while learning. Recommend her 10 outta 10.”
Photography: Tonita Photo & Video

Elle & Dean
Elle and Dean wanted to squeeze in one lesson before the wedding day but only had a few days left! Even with the tight schedule, one lesson was all they needed to master a nice, simple wedding dance fit for two.
Photography: Sidewayz Photography

Kylie & Eric
Both looking to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor while showcasing a few simple moves was exactly what Kylie & Eric were after. Romantic and intimate, the perfect wedding dance.

Maddy & Matthew
“We were so happy with the wedding dance Amanda put together for us, which with her patience and encouragement we were able to learn in just an hour, plus continue to practice with the video she recorded. It was only a short dance of around 45 seconds, but on our wedding night we felt pretty specky!”

Ashley & Joel
“Amanda was fabulous! We had 2 lessons and she was always organised and managed to help us nail a 1 1/2 – 2 minute routine with just 2 lessons. She was very patient and we would highly recommend her!”

Anina & Simon
“Thank you so much for your dance lessons. Everyone loved our dance and we had a lot of fun learning it and performing it on the night. You did an amazing job teaching two people who never danced before. Our parents also enjoyed learning the dance with us. we surprised everyone with our two choreographed dances of the night!”

Amy & Calan
With a beautiful baby on they way, Amy and Calan wanted a beautiful wedding dance that would suit the baby bump. A little bit of slow bridal waltz was just the thing.
Photography by: Yoram Conradt Photography

Rebecca & Steven
“We came to the decision for dance lessons rather late, with only three sessions available to us before our big day, Amanda got us organised and nailed everything down, leaving had us prepped and ready. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it.”
Photography by: Flick + Dave Photography

Ashleigh & Dan
“We have been practicing our dance and are super excited!! Thank you so much – we loved our dance!”

Shinae & Ryan
“Thanks so much for your help! You are the best dance teacher.”

Rikki & Jamie
“Yesterday went amazing and we nailed the dance. Thanks so much for the help. One of the best decisions we made in preparation for our day. Amanda was super friendly, fun and supportive. She made us feel comfortable and confident about our moment in the spotlight. We only had one hour with Amanda but she maximised the time and we left feeling like we got the most we could out of it. She kept the routine simple and gave us some options to make the dance our own. A fantastic experience, thank you Amanda!”

Christine & Darryl
One lesson was all it took to learn all of the basics plus a few extras, like the finale dip, to turn two beginner dancers into pros for the wedding dance.

Sabrina & Tomas
What a beautiful couple, so easy to teach in just one lesson, the basics of partner dancing to help them feel happy and confident on the dance floor.

Bree & Sheree
We’re so happy to now include our first same sex couple to the hall of fame, learning an amazing wedding dance in just one lesson. Full of energy, laughter and fun, they both came away happy and confident for their first dance as wife and wife.

Cathleen & Peter
“Thank you so much, that is so kind. We’re really excited, can’t quite believe it’s here. Thanks again Amanda, we’ll definitely be writing a lovely review!”

Karen & Jason
After surprising his wife-to-be with the gift of dance for Valentine’s Day, they both had the pleasure of learning their first dance together while enjoying some quality time before the big day.

Natty & Jared
“Thanks again for your lessons they really helped!! We had lots of comments so that was nice!!”

Lauren & Paul
“Thank you for the well wishes! The dance went great and later in the night we busted out some of the moves again (as in this pic). So glad we had the lessons!”

Natalie & Troy
“Thanks very much Amanda, couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you very much for the lessons.”

Dea & Craig
It was our pleasure to create a gorgeous wedding dance for Dea and Craig to their wedding song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. One lesson was all it took to have them moving to the music and looking like naturals!
Photography – Šećerlama Weddings

Krystal & Scott
With little time, but desires to have a wedding dance that was short and simple yet elegant, one lesson was all it took to achieve this before their destination wedding in Bali.

Kate & Paul
“Thank you so much for the text. The dance was a hit! Thank you for teaching us the moves. It was perfect for what we wanted to do.”

Kate & Darryn
“Thanks so much. We had a great time learning the dance with you and doing it in front of everyone. Thanks again for your help and expertise. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Ahalya & Jon
“Thanks to Amanda, our first dance as husband and wife went amazingly well! We chose Van Morrison’s ‘Have I Told You Lately’ to dance to and all it took was an hour with Amanda to perfect our routine. Seeing as we only had our dance lesson a few days before our wedding, it was wonderful to know that after just one hour we would have a lovely routine mastered for our first dance. In the lead up to our wedding, we managed to practice our routine in the garden and found it so helpful to watch the video Amanda had recorded of us dancing at the studio. On our wedding day, the dance routine came to us naturally and we honestly could not be happier with our performance. If you’re looking for a dance instructor that is incredibly energetic, encouraging, and knowledgeable, then Amanda is the lady for you! P/S: We still practice our routine (mainly in the kitchen) when our song comes on!” Photography – Sandie Bertrand Photography

Simply Beautiful (4 lessons)

Check out our “Simply Beautiful” wedding dance videos!

Louise & Steven
After only four lessons, Louise and Steven nailed their first dance, complete with beautiful bridal waltz steps, spins and leans.

Rebecca & Sashko
“Thanks Amanda! We loved having so much fun during the lessons and on the special day!”
Photography – Jason Soon Photography

Alysia & Simon
“Thank you so much for your help, we were so happy with the routine! It went down a treat.”
Photography: Flossy Photography

Carrie & Joshua
“We had a great time at the reception and so glad that we had practiced the dance moves before the wedding!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Claire & Nigel
“We had such a great wedding day and the dance went down well. We LOVED our lessons with you, it was such good fun and you made the whole thing so enjoyable.”

Therese & Brendon
“Thank you so much Amanda. We had a great day. Thank you for all your patience and help.”
Photography – Tenacious Photography

Jenna & Luke
“Thank you for everything. We were 110% happy with your service. Thank you so much for your patience in getting our groove together. Highly recommended.”
Photography – Don Benson Photography

Ashita & Craig
“Wedding was amazing! It was a real fairy tale. Thanks again for helping us create an amazing moment. It brought a tear to my mum’s eye.”

Laura & Alexander
“My wife and I used Amanda for our first dance at our wedding. Amanda made it fun and easy to learn.”

Katie & Philip
“Amanda was full of energy and positivity, which made us feel the same! Thanks Amanda!”

Helen & Iain
“We chose an older sentimental song, however Amanda’s choreography was fresh and modern, with a classic twist. Our guests loved it!”
Photography – Liesl Cheney Photography

Bronte & Rory
“We had a really enjoyable few weeks working with Amanda from Chase Dance. Couldn’t recommend Amanda more!!”

Rhiannon & Shaun
Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help, you are literally amazing!!!  We have LOVED our classes with you.”
Photography – A&C Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Jade & Dean
“Thank you!!! It was amazing! Went so fast but was so perfect. We did very well at the dance and I think we nailed it. Everyone thought it was fantastic!”

Tracy & Brenton
“Thanks so much!! We pretty much nailed it! It was a great night.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Sarah & Michael
“Thank you once again, we could not have done this without you.”

Pamela & Daniel
“Amanda is an amazing choreographer! Professional, accommodating and very understanding of what we need and what we can do.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Stephanie & Patrick
“Thank you heaps. We had so much fun and the dance went great! Thank you so much for everything.”
Photography – LeRo PHOTOgraphy

Angela & Nicholas
“Amanda herself is a great teacher and wonderful person to be around, her bubbly personality gives you all the energy you need for the class.”
Photography – Nick Thake Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Susan & Selwyn
“We had Amanda and my gosh, she was an amazing dancer/teacher. She taught my family with 8 left feet how to hold down some moves.”

Louissa & Alexander
“By the time our wedding came around my husband and I couldn’t wait for our first dance, we were confident and most importantly we had so much fun!!”
Photography – Natasja Kremers Photographer

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Sofija & Kyle
Our first dance was spectacular and we have no one else to thank but you Amanda. Thank you for your professional manner and great teaching.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Kelly & Josh
“Four weeks of lessons later, the beautiful choreographed routine that Amanda put together for us went off at the wedding without a hitch! Thank you!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Nadine & Eoin
“We really loved it! Thanks so much!”

Kirby & Kalum
“We remembered all the dance and we had a good time. Everyone enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your help!”
Photography – Dave & Charlotte, Perth Photographers

Emily & Chris
“Thank you so much Amanda!! That’s so sweet. The dance went fantastically well!!! Thanks again for all your help – couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”

Bree & Jack
“Thanks Amanda, fingers crossed that we nail it like we did on Monday night! We really enjoyed your lessons.”

Tess & Jeffrey
“Thank you for the lesson, really good fun, we had a ball.”
Photography – Anthea Auld Photographer – Perth Wedding Photographer

Jessica & Richard
“My partner was pregnant for our wedding and Amanda purpose built our moves to suit our abilities. So glad we found Chase Dance for our special day!”

Kim & Kyal
“Thank you so, so much! We totally, totally nailed it! We are incredibly grateful to you, we had amazing compliments and people were blown away.”Photography – Amy Skinner Photography

Richelle & Joel
“Amanda made our wedding complete! Thank you so much for creating such a fun routine, it was such a great success on our wedding night. It was a great hit!”

Chloe & Taylor
“I can’t thank you enough. The dance truly made the night!”
Photography: Lumens Photography

Joanne & Joel
“Thank you Amanda! In the fraught lead up to our wedding it was nice for us to come and do the dance with you and considered it quality time with each other.”
Photography – Kevin McGinn | Photographer

Bianca & Gordon
“Thanks so much Amanda. The day and night was amazing and everything was perfect. We nailed the dance and received quite a lot of compliments.”

Lisa & Paul
Simply breathtaking, that feeling when you totally nail the dance and scored the money shot! So stylish!

Susanna & Denis
Intensely happy and absolutely complete in each other’s arms as they celebrate their wedding day together.

Tania & Scott
“We really enjoyed learning some new steps! Thank you! Amanda you’re a gem!”

Tenille & Ben
“We even gave it a practice in a Freo Street Festival on the way to the reception which got an awesome response from the passers-by. Our parents and friends still talk about how special the dance was at our reception”

Victoria & Robert
Looking for an exciting wedding dance that included lifts and dips, this was nothing short of a totally awesome wedding dance that surprised everyone!

Sarah & Ben
Searching for a dance teacher who could make their wedding dance easy to learn but with a bit of pizzazz, they got everything they imagined and more!

Abby & Troy
“Thank you so much Amanda. We nailed the dance, everybody loved it!”

Hilary & Matthew
“Thank you Amanda, we pulled it off!”
Photography – Createve Photography

Alana & Geoff
“Thank you for teaching us! We loved it!”
Photography – Emma Pointon Photography

Emma & Stephen
Using Richard Ashcroft’s ‘I Get My Beat’, it was so much fun to choreograph their wedding dance using awesome moves from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Christelle & Ryan
It was amazing to watch the transformation from beginner dancers to absolutely stunning. Moving to Gareth Gath’s cover of ‘Unchained Melody’, all the guests are going to love it!

Natalie & Malcolm
It was such a pleasure to assist Natalie and Malcolm in discovering just how awesome learning to dance can be. After just four lessons, they both had enjoyed learning to spin and dip like pros. 

Tanya & Garett
“Just wanted to say a big thanks for the dancing lessons! We had a great time learning from you and the dance went really well on the night. Our guests loved it!”

Kimberley & Zachary
“Amanda gave us a short routine that looked good, but was totally within our abilities. It was fun to practice, and even better to get up on the day and do it! Amanda was a great teacher, and had infinite patience for our clumsiness! Thanks Amanda!”

Amy & Alex
“A massive thank you for being so great and patient with us, we couldn’t of asked for a better dance teacher. You made us look like professionals on the night and everyone was blown away. We nailed it. Made our amazing day even more special.”
Photography – Lauren Merton Photography

Jenn & Chad
“I am so nervous right now but also excited and excited for the dance. You are the best teacher. We had a ball honestly!”
Photography – Don Benson Photography

Ali & Simon
In just four lessons, these two lovebirds learnt some beautiful moves, including a lift, that made their first dance truly stand out.

Cordelia & Sean
This gorgeous couple wanted to truly surprise their wedding guests with an incredible wedding dance to blow them away. Complete with hip hop slides and funky moves, they made their first dance one of a kind.
Photography – IZO Photography

Sarah & Damian
“Thank you! We are so excited, especially for the two dances.”

Katie & Maxi
“Both myself and my now husband are awkward and uncoordinated, without a rhythmic bone in our bodies. We were determined not to look silly for our first dance at our wedding. After only 4 lessons with Amanda, we had the confidence to pull something off that surprised all our friends and family. Amanda is an absolute delight and Wednesday evenings spent with her during such a busy, stressful time were a welcome relief! Highly recommend!”

Sarah & Ryan
“Thanks Amanda. Appreciate your instructions and these thoughts.”

Riva & Andrew
“Thank you! We had a fantastic day and managed to pull off our dance – mostly. The dress became a bit of a hindrance but no-one noticed our slight stuff ups. You were a fantastic teacher and we’d definitely recommend you to our friends and family.”

Peter & Darren
“Thank you again for your creativity for sharing your talent. Big thanks to you – we have had a lot of praise for the dance. No superstars but everyone was surprised and they loved the way we shared the roles – so big tick on the choreography. It was so much fun working with you and the dance was a hit!”

Ashlee & Daniel
“We wanted to let you know we aced the dance (at least we think so!). Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for everything, we really enjoyed having the lessons!”
Photography – Dave & Charlotte, Perth Photographers

Natalie & Chris
These two lovebirds wanted a sexy and sophisticated wedding dance, and weren’t afraid of going the extra mile to achieve it. Easily mastering the hip movements and fast spins, they were ready for the big reveal in just five lessons.

Rosanna & Matthew
“We just want to say thank you for preparing us for our big day. We had to make some minor adjustments as the dress was difficult to move in but we remembered the choreography which was great. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends that are getting married. Thank you so much once again.”

Chloe & Jesse
“So our wedding was amazing and everyone was super impressed with our dance moves, although believe it or not, we forgot one of the first steps but quickly recovered and nailed the rest of the dance, including the dip. We had so much fun at each lesson and really appreciate everything you’ve done for us.”

Elly & Alistir
“Thank you so much for your well wishes. It was such an amazing day and the dance went off without a hitch. You made it such a fun experience! Thanks again!”

Gemma & Shannon
“Thank you so much for the well wishes. We had the most amazing day.”

Brooke & Jared
“Thank you so much Amanda for teaching Jared and I to dance for our wedding day. We were so nervous about our first dance and you prepared us so well, making us feel so much more confident and happy to share the dance you created for us with our friends and family. It was so much fun to learn and you were so patient and helpful throughout the lessons. Our first dance was a hit and many people commented on it- all thanks to you!”

Rebecca & Andrew
“Awww thanks so much!! You have been sooooo amazing. We nailed it!!! Thank you so, so much.”

Jocelynn & Tony
“We cannot thank Amanda enough for her patience with us in the lead up to our wedding. Because of her guidance and well thought choreographed moves, our first dance was a huge success. We had four, 1 hour sessions with Amanda over a period of a month. At no stage did we ever feel rushed or confused. Amanda was super attentive to our needs and adjusted her teaching speed when we had any difficulty. Amanda’s super friendly and fun approach together with her clear instructions made it an absolute joy to learn to dance. Thanks again for the awesome experience! We would definitely recommend your services to anyone!”

Rachel & Tony
“Amanda! Our dance kicked ass!!!!! Thank you so much!! Honestly, you were such a pleasure to learn our dance with, it felt less like a formal process, and more like we were going around to a friend’s house. Words cannot express how grateful we are for our dance and our experience. Thank you for being the warm, the patient, and professional, and most of all, talented woman you are. We could not have done half of what we did without you.”

Elisabeth & Alex
“Amanda from Chase Dance took us on as dance newbies and made us look like pros. She was patient and clever with her teaching and her choreography was incredible – even when we had very specific stylistic requests. We had so many comments after the dance from our guests – I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Chase Dance! Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing work with us! We had so many amazing comments after our dance – thanks to you!”

Kylie & Zack
“Amanda is so amazing at what she does! She was so lovely and accommodating when I broke my foot and had to squeeze all our lessons into the week of our wedding. My partner and I both suck at dancing and have no rhythm, but Amanda created a beautiful dance for us and we loved performing it on the day! Doing the lessons and practicing our dance was such a special experience and we highly recommend it!”

Casey & Matt
“We really enjoyed the lessons – you’re a fabulous teacher.”

Alana & Nathan
“Amanda provides a comfortable, fun and professional environment to learn to dance for your wedding. She will take in to consideration your level of experience and tailor a dance to perfectly suit you and your partner. I was lucky enough to learn a dance with both my Husband and Father and Amanda made all the sessions, fun and very easy to follow. By the end of the lessons we all felt happy and confident to step out on the dance floor with an amazing routine under our belts to wow the wedding guests. Thank you so much for your excellent teaching!”

Jessica & Andrew
“Amanda is the most amazing dance instructor, who has a magical ability to energise and relax you at the same time! She choreographed and tailored our wedding dance over four lessons, changing things to suit my wife’s back injury. We went from knowing nothing to smashing our minute long wedding dance. We received lots of compliments. Would thoroughly recommend Amanda! Thanks again!!”

Breathtaking (6 lessons)

Check out our “Breathtaking” wedding dance videos!

Ninette & Jason
“Nice work! I think this is going to be awesome.”
Photography – Photogerson

Pauline & Mark
“Thanks Amanda, we had a great time together doing this and we smashed it at the wedding. Thanks again for all your efforts in making our special day a success. Cheers!”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Adele & Max
“We learnt different steps each week and putting them together was easy. Amanda has such a great, vibrant, uplifting energy. We really enjoyed our lessons.”
Photography – Stellar Visions Photo & Video

Elizabeth & Aaron
“You are beyond amazing! We had so many people ask how we kept a dance like that a secret, even my dad couldn’t believe you could teach us that in six lessons!”
Photography – Memories of Tomorrow Photography

Alexandra & James
What a pleasure it was to teach these two their bridal dance. We incorporated moves with an elegant, relaxed, romantic feel that suited their style and personalities. Simply stunning!

Sarah & Brennen
“Thank you for all your help with our wedding dance. It was a huge success! We had so much fun learning to dance so thank you so, so much for all your time.”Photography – Ella Otranto Photography

Sarah & Kiel
“Thank you so much for your patience with us in our dancing lessons. You’re amazing at what you do and it shows in the final product. Our dance was perfect.”
Photography – Kate Smeda Photography

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Sarah & Guy
“We loved our dance lessons and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda to anyone looking to polish their dance moves!”

Cindy & Lee
“Our wedding dance was unique and everyone loved it. We were very happy with the clear instructions we got!”
Photography – Anthea Auld Photography

Kathryn & Ben
“She had answers to everything and was a dream to be taught by. Thank you so much for everything!”

Shannon & Rahiri
“We had a ball … many thanks again for all your help.”

Bianca & Oliver
“We were both confident and had a lot of fun doing it on the night! It was a wonderful surprise and one of my favourite parts of planning the wedding!”

Anna & David
“We had 6 lessons with Amanda and she was amazing. She did such a great job with two total amateurs. We would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for wedding dance lessons!!!!!”

Natalie & Stefan
“We give our big thanks to Amanda who made our wish come true, she certainly delivered with such fun and contagious enthusiasm it made it feel like anything was possible – and it certainly was!”

Vanessa & Niall
“Amanda did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding dance. With her positive and encouraging attitude I’m happy to say we nailed it! Thank you so much.”

Kristen & James
They loved learning their first dance which was a mix of exciting, fun movements that weren’t too crazy or contemporary. The perfect blend of modern jive and bridal waltz.

Kristen & Brendan
“If we could give 10 stars, we would! Amanda is such an amazing & patient teacher with choreography skills that turned us into dancers and gave us something extra special to remember forever!!”

Kristina & Seb
“Our wedding day was so special and more amazing than I could have imagined and the dance was a big hit! Thanks again, we had such a good time learning it and you were an amazing teacher!!”

Deirdre & Alistair
“Thanks for this morning Amanda! We can’t wait to master the new moves.”

Kerianne & Anthony
“It is hard to write a testimonial that captures how fantastic our experience was with Amanda. She was exceptionally friendly, warm and professional from the moment we initially contacted her, to the “good luck” text that she sent us on the morning of our wedding! My husband was initially apprehensive about the complexity of my dream wedding dance, but she made us both feel totally at ease throughout. She created our dream wedding dance medley modelled off a YouTube video that we sent her in just 6 lessons, and was 100% prepared for each of our lessons. Our wedding dance was one of the highlights of our wedding, and everyone raved about it! We simply cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Lauren & Ben
“Thanks so much Amanda – we shall hopefully make you proud.”

Emma & Duncan
“It was wonderful all round.”

Dominique & Brett
“Thank you Amanda!! We had an incredible day full of love and laughter despite our perfect fun through on Friday, nerves did get the better of us on the night but we managed to carry on and it just made for a memorable routine for our guests.”
Photography – White Tulip Photography

Jackie & Kaspar
Thank you Amanda for teaching my husband and I our first dance for our wedding. Neither of us come from a dancing background but you were able to create wonderful moves to our favourite song. I went from being nervous about our first dance to being very confident and no longer dreading the moment thanks to your teaching.

Melissa & Rick
“Thanks so much for the dance lessons. We nailed it!!”

Angel & Nickola
“Amanda was the most amazing, versatile and patient dance teacher! She was very good at tailoring the dance to our abilities and made every lesson so much fun! My husband and I loved our wedding dance and our guests were all very impressed! I HIGHLY recommend Amanda to any couples wanting dance lessons! We will definitely be back to Amanda just to learn something else!”

Sophie & Ian
“Ian and I agreed that attending dance lessons with you was one of the highlights of the preparations for our wedding, and you so skillfully taught us dance moves we can use forever! The choreographed dance routine you designed and taught us was fantastic, but we also hit the dance floor using those moves throughout the night and had so much fun. Thank you so much for making this a fun experience in which we really enjoyed ourselves. On the night we lost the steps a couple of times due to nerves but because of what we’d learned we could pick it straight back up. As you said – and as others confirmed on the night – you couldn’t even notice. It was thoroughly enjoyable and fun. Thank you for making this part of the wedding a real thrill.”

Lo & Dee
“Amanda is amazing! She made us feel very comfortable from our first lesson throughout. She is extra energetic, patient and passionate! We loved working with her and she made it seem so easy! Smooth coaching! Thank you Amanda <3”

Clara & Matt
Amanda was absolutely amazing! She is an incredibly fun, vivacious, enthusiastic teacher who helped us create our dream dance. We had so much fun doing dance lessons with her and we both agreed our favourite part of our wedding night was our first dance. She is such a legend! Words cannot express how appreciative we are of all the work you put in for us. You were outstanding! We loved our lessons.

Stacey & Wilson
“We had such a great time taking lessons with Amanda from Chase Dance. We both had zero dancing experience prior to taking our lessons and was both excited and nervous about our dance lesson. But after our first lesson with Amanda, we both felt very comfortable with her and the dance lesson she had choreographed for our song choice. Amanda’s enthusiastic and energetic personality rubbed off on us and made the lesson much more fun and comforting. Amanda took the time to explain the moves when we struggled a little, rehearsed the move with us until we were comfortable with moving. Thank you Amanda for teaching us our dance routine, we had so much fun with our first dance on our wedding night and from the reaction from the guests, they loved it too. Highly recommend Chase Dance to anyone who is after wedding dancing lessons with a positive vibe.”

Mary & Jason
“Thank you so much Amanda. The dance was a hit and this photo is one of my faves!! Couldn’t have pulled off that dance without you. Thanks so much!”

Show Stopper (8 lessons)

Check out our “Show Stopper” wedding dance videos!

Elena & Chris
“My husband doesn’t do anything by halves and he likes to dance. Sure, we are not professional dancers, but why not have a dance medley of 15 songs and three lifts for our first dance as husband and wife? Amanda was amazing from the start. She organised the music, choreographed the moves and had all the details ready before our first lesson. She was punctual and professional with the lessons. The way she broke down the each dance was easy to follow and remember. And despite all the pressure and stress that comes with a wedding, I found myself looking forward to every lesson and performing our dance was one of the highlights of The Big Day. Thank you Amanda and team for the effort you put into our project!”
Photographer – I Love Wednesdays

Brooke & Roland
“Thanks so much!! Our day was absolutely amazing and I’m on such a high. Everyone loved our dance!! And we managed to pull it off smoothly. Thank you again for all your help. We both agree our dance classes were a highlight in the wedding process”

Jessie & Daniel
“We nailed it Amanda! We got the whole thing correct!! Dad and I nailed it too, no mistakes! Thanks again for everything, it was so much fun, I’ll miss our lessons.”

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Simone & Steven
“She was very professional, energetic and patient with us at all times and we are so thankful to her for giving us such a memorable wedding dance.”
Photography – Teneil Kable Photographer

Stacey & Tom
“Amanda is the absolute best dance teacher! Put both of us at ease and with her beautiful choreography ensured our wedding dance was a great success!”
Photography – The Holdens – Wedding Photographers

Wedding Spotlight - Chase Dance Wedding Dance Choreography

Janet & Minh
“Thank you so much Amanda! It was an amazing night!!!!!! So many compliments!”

Melissa & Troy
“Thanks for everything. We nailed it! I really love our dance!”
Photography – EJ Creative

Chantelle & Simon
“Amanda is an excellent teacher. We enjoyed our lessons so much. Everyone loved our first dance and were very impressed thanks to Amanda!”

Philomena & Michael
“Amanda is one of the best. Great teacher and great wedding dance coach.”

Andrea & Rory
“In 8 lessons, Amanda somehow managed to turn an uncoordinated goofball and an independent-minded sass-queen into a well oiled dance machine capable of recreating that dance from the 1987 Patrick Swayze blockbuster, Dirty Dancing.”
Wedding Event Hire – Perth Dance Floors

Melissa & Seth
“Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us. We are beyond excited about our dance, it is so special. Thanks to you!!! Was my favourite part of the night. I was floating on a cloud! Best night of my life.”

Nicole & Brett
What a blast it was to create a full four minutes of choreography to ‘Feeling Good’ combined with ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’. Beginning with a more traditional slow dance, we quickly stepped it up to include modern jive and tango steps to add a bit of spice and pizazz. Truly an amazing wedding dance!

Yvonne & Vu
Eight lessons was all it took to learn a sensational wedding dance to their wedding song “Loving Is Easy” by Rex Orange County. Working around a FIFO schedule, there was nothing they couldn’t do with the assistance of Chase Dance, Perth’s wedding dance specialist.

Stephanie & Matthew
“My husband and I did 8 dance lessons with Amanda for our first dance to Unchained Melody by the righteous brothers. Amanda is a very talented teacher – she was patient, extremely helpful, and was very open to listening to us if there was a dance move that didn’t sit quite right. I highly recommend Amanda’s dance lessons if you are wanting to wow your wedding guests with a sophisticated and choreographed dance from a teacher who is fun loving, kind, and all around awesome.”

Kelly & Kyle
“We honestly have to say that our dance lessons & performing our dance on the big day was one of, if not, the best part of our wedding. A lot of that came down to Amanda – Her experience, approach, beautiful, energetic and fun personality made it so enjoyable. I really gave Amanda a test. I scouted choreographed dances on YouTube (Pretty complicated ones, think of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Video) and Amanda gave us all the confidence in the world that she could teach us the moves and we could achieve it. If we couldn’t do the exact moves, she knew how to tailor it and make it look just as exciting. I also gave my fiancé the test as he really wasn’t sold on the idea of a big choreographed dance but he came out loving it. Amanda was patient when we couldn’t get the simplest moves together and always made us feel comfortable & confident. We had 2 songs for our first dance, a slow one which transitioned into a funnier and more upbeat one. We went from pretty much non-dancers to feeling like we really gave our wedding guests a huge surprise with an incredible dance. I think we will be laughing and randomly busting out our dance on our anniversary until we are 90!”

Kelly & Darryl
“To top it off, I also did a Father Daughter dance. This was a combination of about 5 different songs transitioned together. My Dad has zero dance experience and would confess himself that he was not born with rhythm. He did amazing and Amanda was so patient and wonderful in teaching him. It certainly was a show stopper for our guests. We took on the 8-lesson package each for both First Dance and Father Daughter dance. I would highly recommend it for those who want to create something really special for their wedding. As well as creating a special experience and beautiful memory forever. I always wanted our wedding to be more than just one day and this was how we did it. Amanda is so professional and fantastic at what she does. I am not surprised how highly recommended she has become in a relatively small amount of time since starting her business. We wish her all the very best and will continue to recommend her to all of our friends.”

Robyn & Roland
“Our first dance wow! Thanks to Amanda, it was perfect! We had so much fun at our lessons, from the moment we walked in for our first lesson Amanda was so friendly and made us both feel so comfortable and at ease, we both looked forward to our weekly lessons. We had people saying how awesome our first dance was and looking back at our wedding video we could hear family and friends cheering us on and having a ball with us. Thanks so much Amanda for making our first dance everything I had hoped for. Five stars from us … highly recommended!! Thank you so much, we really enjoyed our lessons with you.”