Wedding Dance Lessons Information

How It Works

Step 1 – Ask Amanda

Contact Amanda via email or mobile at or 0415 823 418. Feel free to ask all those important questions you need answered before choosing from one of the wedding dance packages available. Check out our FAQ’s page, as you might find some of these answers there.

Step 2 – Make It Official

An email will be sent to you confirming your lesson time and venue, after selecting the wedding dance package that’s right for you. Prepayment for wedding dance lessons is essential, although you may upgrade or extend your wedding dance package at any time (please contact Amanda for more details).

Wedding Dance Lessons Information

Step 3 – What To Bring

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, that move and stretch. Shoes that are similar to, or what you’ll be wearing on the day. You’ll be spinning and turning so ones without rubber soles is preferable; avoid sneakers. Bring a water bottle, plus either a video camera or phone to record the moves you learn at each lesson.

Step 4 – Let’s Get Moving

You will be introduced to what leading and following is all about, understanding how to dance on the beat to your wedding song. Initially you’ll learn a couple of popular basic moves, which can be used continuously throughout your first song, developing into a mini choreography suited to you and your partner.

Wedding Dance Lessons Information

Step 5 – Fun Times

Use the take home lesson videos and practice with your partner before the next lesson. This will help you both to remember the steps and become familiar with how they match the song, so that on the wedding day, you will look happy and confident dancing your first dance together.

Step 6 – Share It

Once you dance lessons are complete, you’ll be so excited to perform your first dance on your wedding day. It’s a great idea to invite your parents and the bridal party in for a few lessons too. That way, when it’s their turn to get up and dance, they’ll look fantastic, just like you!

Wedding Dance Lessons Information