Music Editing

So you found your perfect wedding song!

Only … it’s too long, too short, too slow, too fast, or it’s actually 3 songs but just certain bits of each.

No problem!  We completely understand and more importantly, we can help.

Using professional music editing tools, and many years of experience, we can tweak, mix, blend, and otherwise ‘perfect’ the music specifically for your dance choreography, including of course your perfect Wedding Dance!

Before you spend hours in frustration trying to modify or edit together your wedding song yourself, talk to Amanda at Chase Dance.

Most editing jobs take less than an hour.

Price: $100 / hour

Simple speed changes are free if you are having your lessons with Amanda.

Things people typically require

  • Shorten the song to include only your favorite bits
  • Remove bits of the song you don’t like
  • Blend multiple versions of the same song to create your own unique version (often done to blend acoustic versions with full instrumental versions)
  • Create a mashup different songs

Why use our Music Editing service?

We do it so well, you’ll think its the way the song was originally released.