Wedding Songs and Wedding Song Playlists

Wedding Songs

If you’re struggling to find the right song for your wedding dance, here is an amazing Spotify playlist which includes many great first dance hits that could be the perfect one for you.

If you have one in mind that’s not on the list, that’s okay! We’d love to hear it and include it in our fantastic collection of wedding dance songs.

Love Songs
Take your pick from this stunning music list. Filled with classic, slow love songs that are perfect for your wedding dance. These romantic tunes will set the mood to create an unbelievable first dance experience.

Gorgeous & Upbeat
If you’re looking for a wedding song you can both agree on, here’s an excellent music list with songs that’ll get the room moving. From classics, to modern, to everything in between, you’ll find the right one for you here.

Fantastic & Fast
Check out these wedding dance songs that’ll get the heart pumping and the room jumping. If you’re a couple who likes things energetic and fun, these are the love songs for you. RnB ready or a jazzy sensation, the guests will be amazed when you walk onto the dance floor.

Wedding Waltz
If you’ve got your heart set on a traditional wedding dance, these beautiful first dance songs are incredible to dance the bridal waltz to. With inspirations like ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it’ll truly be a fairy-tale wedding.

If you can’t decide on just one song, pick out your favourites and Chase Dance can do the music editing and remixing for you! For more information, click here.