Wedding Dance Videos

Share in the joy of their wedding day by viewing their wedding dance!

Show Stopper (8 lessons)

Show Stopper” achievable in 8 lessons.

Andrea & Rory
“In 8 lessons, Amanda somehow managed to turn an uncoordinated goofball and an independent-minded sass-queen into a well-oiled dance machine capable of recreating that dance from the 1987 Patrick Swayze blockbuster, Dirty Dancing!”

Brooke & Roland
“Thanks so much! Our day was absolutely amazing and I’m on such a high. Everyone loved our dance! And we managed to pull it off smoothly. Thank you again for all your help. We both agree our dance classes were a highlight in the wedding process.”

Elena & Chris
“My husband doesn’t do anything by halves and he likes to dance. Sure, we are not professional dancers but why not have a dance medley of 15 songs and three lifts for our first dance as husband and wife? And despite all the pressure and stress that comes with a wedding, I found myself looking forward to every lesson and performing our dance was one of the highlights of The Big Day. Thank you, Amanda and team, for the effort you put into our project!”

Breathtaking (6 lessons)

Breathtaking” achievable in 6 lessons.

Anita & Dan
“Thank you so much for coaching us and giving us a great dance – we had such a great time with the lessons, and it was such a high to do the dance last night! We had just the best time! Thanks to you we went way beyond our expectations with the dance. We had so much fun learning and doing it on the night. Can’t thank you enough!”

Karlee & Shriv
“Thank you so much Amanda for your dedication in creating an amazing wedding dance! We were fortunate enough to have six lessons & achieved beyond our expectation in terms of choreography & complexity of moves to an upbeat perhaps unique first dance song. Amongst all the wedding planning to have that hour each week as a couple was fabulous. It allowed us to focus on being in the moment, together which truly was so much fun. We absolutely loved our first dance, as did our guests!!”

Ninette & Jason
“It was so much fun to learn our 5 song dance mash-up, and Amanda had us dancing like professionals in 6 relaxed lessons. No one at our wedding knew about our first dance plans, and once we kicked it off, it was so much fun and a massive surprise and hit to the crowd. Everyone loved it, and it was the perfect catalyst to a dance floor that did not stop cranking all night.”

Simply Beautiful (4 lessons)

Simply Beautiful” achievable in 4 lessons.

Elisabeth & Alex
“Amanda from Chase Dance took us on as dance newbies and made us look like pros. She was patient and clever with her teaching and her choreography was incredible – even when we had very specific stylistic requests. We had so many comments after the dance from our guests – I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Chase Dance! Everyone loved it so much that we did it twice. We had so many amazing comments after our dance – thanks to you!”

Jessica & Andrew
“We had the most amazing time. Thank you so much for making us look fantastic on the D-floor! Amanda is the most amazing dance instructor, who has a magical ability to energise and relax you at the same time! She choreographed and tailored our wedding dance over four lessons, changing things to suit my wife’s back injury. We went from knowing nothing to smashing our minute-long wedding dance. We received lots of compliments.”

 Just the Basics (1 – 3 lessons)

Just the Basics” achievable in 3 lessons.

Alyce & Dave
“Amanda at Chase Dance is a great dance teacher and fun to work with! We had a few dance lessons for our wedding and under Amanda’s expert teaching, managed to pick up her perfect choreographed dance for the big day without too much effort and had a blast doing it. Our guests were wowed by the routine and we have Amanda to thank for that! Highly recommend!”

Kate & Darryn
“We had such a great experience with Amanda. We had two sessions and learnt so much in that short amount of time. Amanda is such a great teacher and makes things so simple and easy. Highly recommend her for your own special dance.”